Jerry + Carolyn 3/18/2010

Jerry and Carolyn  Ball have a special place in my heart because they are my husbands grandparents, or to us, Pa Pa and Grandma. Pa Pa is a preacher, and has been a preacher for 53 years. But just because he is a preacher, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have jokes, or pranks. When I asked Pa Pa recently how long him and Grandma have been married this is how he responded, ” I have been married all of my life…it has been so long that we were married the day after dirt was invented”… HAHA. Pa Pa and Grandma have been married a total of 52 years, with their anniversary coming up once again on July 13. They have the most idyllic marriage and relationship. They are loving, caring, and sacrifice all of their needs for others. There is lots of food cooked in the Ball household by Grandma where the drink of choice is Iced Tea and Dr. Pepper, and lots of broken things fixed  and new things created out in the shop by Pa Pa.  Almost every night after dinner, out comes the strawberry cake and vanilla blue bell ice cream right along side with the games. Dominoes, Rummy Cube, and Phase 10 are only a few of the game choices.. don’t like those types of games? Well outside they have a homemade shuffle board court and Pa Pa even put up lights so you can play at night time 🙂 Jonathan and I are so blessed to get to have such a wonderful, Godly couple in our lives. Thanks Grandma and Pa Pa for everything you do for us! We love you and miss you.

By watching the two of them , you would never guess they are in their 70’s!  Or guess that they have been married for over 50 years!!


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