30 Days to 30

Today starts a 30 days until I turn 30. My entirety of my 20’s has been filled with experiences I could have never dreamed of. Good & Bad. I met my husband in my 20’s, moved and lived abroad in China, married at 21, started & operated startups which took on many life forms, managed teams, transitioned into Motherhood (which was harder than I ever realized), figured out balance between who I am as a person, versus who I am as a Mother, & even had somewhat of a mid-twenties crisis trying to find myself again. I am ready to face life in my 30’s head on growing in ways I have refused to do in my 20’s! Here’s to Adulting!

To celebrate the last days of my 20’s I will be posting a series of self portraits (which this one was taken by my 3 year old!). As a Portrait Photographer, I feel like its important to know how to capture myself in front of the camera, so I can help my clients do the same!

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Danielle Nicole is a Las Vegas based Portrait Photographer who specializes in catpturing BEAUTY of all kinds. 

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