Jimmy + Tabitha – Engagements 4/11/2010

Jimmy has been friends with my oldest brother Matt for a long time now…and since my big brother was nice enough to include when in a lot of activities him and his friends did, I have also known Jimmy and Tabitha for a while. I remember when they started dating, and we all thought they were the cutest couple!! Jimmy is a fire fighter and I believe Tabitha is going to be a Teacher 🙂 They have the sweetest boxer with a crazy personality named Marley Bob!! I love puppies, especially rambunctious one like him! We spent the afternoon together around where they live (forgive me, but even though I drove there, i’m still not quite sure where it is.. haha) But we had a great time with lots of laughs! They will be getting married in June 2010 at the lovely Hickory Street Annex in Dallas! (That was the venue my husband and I chose before we decided to have a destination wedding in Hangzhou, China!) Enjoy the pics 🙂

Just so you know, I am NOT the one who suggested they stand on that!! haha.. I am glad she was okay, but it turned out to be pretty funny! Thanks for being a good sport Tabitha!!

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