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This past week, Jonathan, Andre, Joanna and I traveled to Shanghai to go see the Expo. In America we call it the “World Fair”, but in other parts of the world it is referred to as the Expo. The first World Fair was held in 1851 . The theme for this year’s expo is “A Better City, A Better Life”. The World Expo is located in downtown Shanghai  and it is HUGE! It is divided into 5 sections.. and we only visited part of one section! About 500,000 people attend the expo every day! So it is always super crowded! That is why we decided to go at night time.. to beat the heat, and the crowd!One of the coolest parts of the Expo is that each country has a building and it is designed with some of the most extravagant architecture I have ever seen! We visited the USA Pavilion, the South African, and many other places I didn’t even know existed! So if you aren’t able to make it to Shanghai to check it out for yourself, no worries…Here is my view of the World Expo 2010 🙂

Oh, and my favorite brand of water! (Some people call me a camel because I drink so much water.. I prefer “Water Connoisseur”, it has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?!? lol) Let me tell you, this IS something to get excited over. It’s amazing the little things that bring me joy in life.. lol

Above: For some reason Andre always listens to me when I tell him to do outrages things…lol.. Sorry man, this is just too funny not to post 🙂

Below: These came up to me asking for me to take a photo with them.. This is actually something that is quite common in China for those of you who have never visited ..There is another photo added below where the same instance occurred. Gotta love China 🙂

I was so tired and HOT by the end of the night, but it was definitely an Awesome experience!

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