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Shanghai is about 1.5 hour train ride from where Jonathan and I live in Hangzhou. The best part of Shanghai is no doubt the foreign food choices. Hangzhou is known for being beautiful, but does not have a good choice of American food. Shanghai has almost too many choices! We visited our favorite Tex Mex place called Peter’s Tex Mex. We first discovered Peter’s when we were visiting Beijing about 1 year and a half ago. They have Mexican food, chicken fried steak, cheescake, and best of all Dr. Pepper! Dr. Pepper is really hard to find in China, and since Jonathan usually has a Dr. Pepper with every meal, getting one every 6 months is a real treat!

Below: This street is located on the Pu Xi (pronounced POO-SHEE, funny I know) side of Shanghai, and it is called Nanjing Lu. It is the walking street populated with many Name Brand stores as well as Street Vendors who will sell you any knock off purse or watch you are looking for. We went on a Thursday night, and it was crazy crowded. This Street has a very “Vegas” feel to it, and it is a must for every tourist to travel down.

Above: Look at all those people! You can’t imagine how many people where out on just a normal Thursday night. Blows my mind!

Below: To go across the river you can take a “Sight Seeing Tunnel” in a little car. The sight seeing tunnel is sort of what I picture a 1970’s theme park to be! haha.. Just a bunch of flashing lights, played in sync to scary music.. yikes!

Above: Pretty psychedelic

Below: The Pearl Tower is one of the iconic images of the Shanghai Skyline. It is a radio/tv tower that looks more like a space structure.

This is the Shanghai Skyline looking across the river from The Bund. Pretty Spectacular! Hope this blog post was a mini vacation for those of you who have never made it to Shanghai! Definitely a place to see.

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