So it’s been a while since I’ve posted!! Sorry everybody! Anyways, some news on my end, I will be headed to the USA on Sept. 22!! Jonathan’s brother will be getting married on October 2nd, so we will get to attend that. So that means, if anyone is in the DFW area and needs photos, shoot me an email and we will get you on the schedule! I already have some shoots planned, so if you’re interested let me know!

So moving on, This post is about my good friend Vera, and since I know most of you don’t know much about Chinese culture I thought I would do a sort of Q&A interview with her. So Enjoy getting to know the most beautiful Vera!!

1) English Name: Vera Hwang

2) Chinese Name (characters and pinyin): Huang Zhejia

3) Year you were born: 1989

4) If you were to tell people one good thing about China, what would it be? I think it is FOOD. Chinese food is very delicious and Chinese cooking is interesting.

5) What is you favorite part about your personality? Humor,sense of fairness…

6) What is your biggest dream for yourself? Living in a happy family with smart pets.

7) Do you have any special talents? I have a good Short-term memory.

8) If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chicken noodle salad

9) Can you swim? Unfortunately,no.

10) Do you prefer watching TV, Listening to music, or Reading a good book? Books..I like reading the words in books. It provides me with more space of imagination, and I can write down my thoughts nearby.

11) Describe the best part of your day today. We communicated all the way and got close to each other. This is my first time to hang out with a foreign friend except my Australia teacher. By the way, your expression is so Professional when taking photos.

12) What do you think that American’s and Chinese have in common? It may be Cultural multiplicity

13) What is your favorite English word? EXCELLENT

14) How long have you been studying English? In our courses of primary school, we’ve had English classes, very simple ones.Then, English is always one of the main courses in my study from middle school to high school.Now, I’m a student of English major in my third year of university.

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