Danny & Pam

Let me introduce you to my PARENTS! They haven’t had professional pictures of them two only since they were married 30 years ago! So I thought that it was about time to force them into a photo session with me 🙂 My Dad may kill me for posting some of these photos, because he did NOT want to do this session haha! My mother is always fun in front of the camera… if you know my parents you know that my Dad is more reserved, while my mom will talk/laugh with anyone! (I used to be so embarrassed when going somewhere such as the grocery store because she would just talk to ANYONE..as a child that was mortifying, however as an adult, I find I am turning into her in some ways!) Anyways, enough chat, I will let the images speak for themselves!! I LOVE YOU BOTH! THANKS FOR BEING MY PARENTS!

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Danielle Nicole is a Las Vegas based Portrait Photographer who specializes in catpturing BEAUTY of all kinds. 

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