Happy Father’s Day

On this Father’s Day I am feeling more sentimental than others, because I can’t be home with my daddy to show him my love! So, this Father’s Day, I will share some photos and memories of my Dad, Danny Charles Schartz. Before we begin, you should know that I have always been a Daddy’girl. When I was in 4th grade, I wrote a letter into the Arlington Star Telegram (the local newspaper), telling them that my Dad was my Hero. I loved him because he ate his vegetables, played with me in the backyard, let me help him do yard work, would play “Scary Daddy” (meaning we would turn out all of the lights in the house, and let him jump out to scare us), encouraged me, helped me when I wanted to be a cheerleader, coached me when I wanted to play basketball, and most of all he would let me film whenever he would take home videos of us growing up. My Dad is fairly a quiet man, full of Godly love, and most of all he is full of wisdom. He has a good sense of humor and for some reason every time the whole family gets together, we end up making fun of funny things he did in the past, like the time he fell from the tree at the house on Mockingbird Lane and got a “butt cut”….or a really bad cut from falling, that just happened to be on his butt..haha. My Dad is known for short quotes such as “Love One Another”, “Drink some Positive Water”, and “Work Together”. He loves his family, loves the Lord, sometimes cries when he prays out loud, and most of all he has been the best Father I could have ever asked for. Happy Father’s Day Daddy. I love you!!!

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